Would you like to know if Rosalyn Carter has dementia?

While Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – The Carter Center announced Tuesday that former first lady Rosalyn Carter has been diagnosed with dementia.

“She lives happily at home with her husband, enjoying spring in the fields and traveling with loved ones,” she said of the 95-year-old, even in a bet.

“Most importantly, Mrs. Carter has been the nation’s leading mental health advocate for most of her life. And first in the Georgia Governor’s Mansion, then in the White House, and later in the Carter Center, and she They have also urged for better access to mental health and reducing stigma around mental health issues.

“One of the biggest concerns Choka made is that one in 10 older Americans has dementia, a condition that also affects overall mental health. Even before it did, stigma is often a barrier that prevents individuals and their families from seeking and receiving much-needed support. And we hope that sharing our family’s news firsthand will spark important conversations at kitchen tables and even in doctor’s offices across the country.

He a 98-year-old former President Jimmy Carter also entered home hospice care in February this year.

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